My name is Jenny Furst and I own Furst Art Studio. I love to paint, no formal training really, a few classes and art appreciation through college. When I am not running my bookkeeping business and taking care of my family, I am practicing, still learning, and taking more classes to improve my painting skills.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can hate one and love another and the guy next to you disagrees on both. That’s what I love about art. It starts a conversation and evokes thoughts and conclusions on what it may mean or what it shows. It doesn’t have to be for everyone. Appreciate what you do like. 🙂 xo jf

You will find mostly acrylic paintings; hand-painted, blob art, dot art and acrylic pours. Also dabbling in oil paintings here and there. Some of the art is of my own inspiration and others are inspired from other artists and their paintings on the internet. Such great talent out there. I appreciate all the youtube videos and things out there that help people like me further their talents. These are some of my favorites that I have done: